From The Desk

Just thought I should pop in and give everyone a heads up on where I’ve been the last few days.

First off lemme just say a big thank you to those of you who have decided to follow my work here so far. I’ve noticed my follower count somewhat steadily rising over the last week or so which tells me I’m doing something worthwhile and that people might enjoy.

It’s an extremely slow process building an audience and forging relationships and getting to a point where I can effectively shine a proper light on the indie titles that I feel deserve it and be one of the first to do so so to you early adopters and developers that have already shown gratitude believe me when I say that the pleasure is all mine.

With that said, what exactly have I been doing?

Since I’ve started I’ve posted articles or videos on a fairly consistent basis which is something I’m proud of considering I have a job on the side but I’ve relaxed the last couple of days because I’ve been contemplating a change in format.

As some of you may have seen, I write reviews. Fairly lengthy reviews.

When I write them I like to give the game its due diligence, if you will. I like to be as fair as possible while also remembering to factor in my own opinions.

But these take time to write and games take time to finish and I unfortunately do not enjoy the benefit of early review code. I wouldn’t expect to at this stage. My audience, though slowly growing, is not at a place where I feel I can comfortably email a developer and request I get a game early.

I feel it’d be disingenuous to call myself anything other than your every day blogger.

Becoming something more takes time and we’re not there yet.

So I’ve decided I’m going to switch over to a first impressions format. I can cover more games this way and at a quicker pace as well. There’ll be fewer gaps between content but no less quality and I intend to keep my first impressions as fair as any review I’ve done meaning that I’ll play a title until I think I’ve seen all it has to offer be it a couple hours or ten.

On top of all that I’m also working on Let’s Play series for my favorite game of all time that I aim to debut sometime in the winter. It’s more than just a standard play through with commentary and you’ll see what I mean when I release the trailer for it (yes I made a trailer lol).

Once again a very big thank you to those that have followed my work and to the developers who’ve already reached out in appreciation.  It means a great deal.

Stay tuned for more content over the weekend and into next week. I have a nice line up I think!

-Kevin Ryan

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