The Shadows are Your Sanctuary in “One Upon Light”


Rising Star games are quickly becoming one of my favorite publishers as they’ve been coming out with some of the most unique gaming experiences I’ve had this past year, most notably Tulpa and Lumini. You can find my coverage of Lumini here.

Now from SUTD Game Lab comes “One Upon Light.”

One Upon Light is a monochromatic styled top-down puzzle game with a photophobic protagonist. Trapped in a world of shifting shadows and light, players must manipulate objects in the environment to create a path of shadows to navigate through the levels. As the protagonist journeys through the dark, he discovers clues about his past lurking in the darkness.


  • Cleverly designed puzzles using the unique properties of lights and shadows.
  • Stylistic, monochromatic cel-shaded 3D world inspired by the mid-century cartoons.
  • Intriguing back story that ties into game play, revealing bit by bit as the game progresses.
  • Immersive surroundings, portraying the unique mood and feel of the game.
  • Escape the light!

The game is scheduled for release on the PS4 October 2015. Steam is highlighted at the end of the following trailer but I can’t find any other mention of it on the game’s website nor on their press kit.

I’ve contacted the developer to see if the game is indeed coming to Steam and will update this article if and when they reply.

-Kevin Ryan

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