From the Desk: It’s Been Awhile

So I’ll cut right to the point. I took a brief hiatus from posting on the site here for two reasons:

  1. Changes are coming to the podcast that I wanted to devote my full attention to. I’m really excited for them and I’m hoping that everything works out as I hope it will. You’ll start to see new things happening with that in 2016.

dreamstime_l_245600162. It wasn’t a good fit. The direction in which I wanted to take this site was a road that I couldn’t feasibly continue traveling down. I wanted it to be of the caliber of sites like Polygon or Destructoid but dedicated solely to Indie games. A goal like that requires a lot of work and a lot of time keeping up with every new thing that comes along and that’s time and money I simply did not have.

Covering video games in any sense be it reporting or personal blogging and doing it on a regular basis requires work. Period. What’s important is determining what side of the spectrum that work falls on; Passion or tedium.

Doing what I was doing before at first was rooted in passion but then it started to become tedium and I was doing it less because I wanted to and more because I felt obligated to and for something that’s a hobby that really shouldn’t be the case. If you’re passionate then the work will never feel as such but if it starts to become tedium then it’s time to step back and reassess.


Yes I believe that great indie developers deserve the spotlight and I will continue to do that but I will do it on my own terms. That means not covering every little thing that comes down the pipeline that stands to be interesting.

Will Indie Watch still be a thing? Yes to a degree.

Unless there’s demos available or I’m personally invested in a project that I want to talk about (that means I’ve actually got money in it), I won’t be talking about every single new thing out there as I attempted to earlier. I tried that. I got burned out.

I don’t have the time or resources to be able to shine a light on every game out there so the focus really should be on what I like and by extension, what I think you’ll like too.

The cast from left to right: Vetterly, Dave, Tyler, Kevin Ryan

Reviews? Eh. I won’t shelf the idea of continuing to do reviews since (if I may toot my own horn) the ones I’ve put out thus far I’ve been proud of. We’ll see going forward if it’s something I’d be up for doing more of though since they do require a lot of work.

With the topic of Indie Watch and Reviews out of the way I guess I’ll let you all in on what you can see here normally.

Blogs. Thoughts. Games I’m playing. Feelings I’m feeling. Eats i’m eating while playing the games i’m playing that makes me feel the things i’m feeling.

That kind of thing.

The thing about Indie Watch and writing reviews is that it’s content that has appeared elsewhere in all kinds of forms.

But me? I’m a purely original work.

Take care.

Kevin Ryan

P.S. Speaking of the podcast I haven’t linked it here in a long time so as a special thank you to my followers (who I kinda sorta left out the in the cold for a bit) here is a link to the playlist of every single episode thus far!


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