Gothic Platformer “Slain!” Arrives On PC This Fall



Wolf Brew Games‘ “Slain” is the story of one man (Bathoryn) and his quest towards liberating the land of seven evil lords who have taken root in their dark towers, spreading their misery. 

It’s a simple concept really and it’s used effectively as an excuse to shower the screen with lots and lots and lots of BLOOD.


Oh and there are puzzles of course that you’ll encounter as you work your way through each of the towers. Standard 2D fare.

What seems to set this one apart however (and I gleaned this from watching the trailer below) is that the action doesn’t seem so mindless.

Your sword swings have a certain timing to them which I imagine as the player you’ll want to take into account when attacking and the inclusion of various powers and abilities you can attach to your weapon indicates a level of strategy will be needed that that may vary depending on the enemy.

The Pixel art looks absolutely gorgeous and the protagonist animates well, particularly when swinging his sword. I get distinct Alucard vibes when I watch Bathoryn in action. It’s gotta be the hair.

To accent the action the game has a metal soundtrack recorded by Curt Victor Bryant (formally of Celtic Frost). It’s appropriately 80’s hair band-ish I feel. Ha.

You can get your hands on Slain when it comes to Steam this October. Consoles as well as the Vita can expect to have it January of 2016.

-Kevin Ryan

2 thoughts on “Gothic Platformer “Slain!” Arrives On PC This Fall

  1. Another game that completely flew under my radar and yet looks just like something I’d enjoy. I imagine I’d hear about it closer to launch, anyway, but thanks for bringing it to my attention!


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